Groundwater Recharge Processes and its relationship with its environment in semi-arid Inter-Andean Valleys. Study case: Central Valley of Cochabamba, Bolivia

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The groundwater recharge processes (e.g. recharge by percolation of precipitación, river water infiltration, irrigation practices, alluvial plains, high-elevation mountains and artificial recharge) in the Chocaya basin and neighboring areas (i.e. Potreros and Chijllawiri) may be affected by anthropogenic activities (i.e. population growth, uncontrolled exploitation, drilling of wells, land-use change, industries, mining, agriculture and tanneries) and climate change (i.e. extreme variations of temperature and precipitation).
These issues may generate a reduction in groundwater quality and quantity. In that sense, research on groundwater recharge is needed to elucidate why and how the different factors affect recharge.
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