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The aim is to investigate the impact of the type of bullying school students are being victims of or witness as bystanders on their need frustration and if this is associated with their social identity, self-esteem, and study motivation. An additional aim is to investigate if type of bullying is associated with different types of participant roles. In part one, participants will be presented with detailed, context-laden vignettes of bullying situations capable of eliciting emotional responses and appraisals like those that would be experienced in real-life bystander situations. In part two, focus group interviews with students about their experiences of being either victims or witnesses of different types of bullying and how this may be related to their need frustration, social identity, self-esteem, study motivation, and participant roles will be carried out. The goal is to investigate the impact of type of bullying on important aspects of the bystander and associations with the participant's need frustration, and whether need frustration mediates the relation with social identity, self-esteem, study motivation and participant roles.
Gällande start-/slutdatum2023/10/152024/09/30
  • NERA 2024

    Tomas Jungert (presentatör), Nathaniel Oliver Iotti (Roll ej angiven), Nina Pallasch (Roll ej angiven), Semas Sarıca (Roll ej angiven) & Sophie Bérjot (Roll ej angiven)

    2024 mars 62024 mars 8

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