How to adopt technology? A generational perspective on adoption and attitudes of technology



The overarching aim of the large-scale project GenerationTech, of which this PhD student project is a part, is to investigate in depth how ageing and technology from a generational perspective is related to health. The project is founded on a combination of theories on health, environmental gerontology, age stratification and technology. The project rests on an explicit inter- and transdisciplinary approach with international outreach building upon existing research cooperation. This research will contribute with new knowledge based on a generational perspective, serving to nurture this rapidly evolving research field, engaging also younger cohorts.

The unique perspective is to address similarities and differences in different generations’ perceptions of and attitudes to technology, adoption and usage related to the technological developments they have experienced during their lifetime.

The overarching aim of this PhD student project is to contribute to the knowledge development on these aspects and how they are associated with active and healthy ageing.
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Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Hälsovetenskaper
  • Gerontologi, medicinsk/hälsovetenskaplig inriktning


  • CASE - Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments