Imagines Clipeatae: Framing Memory in the Roman World



In my thesis, Imagines Clipeatae: Framing Memory in the Roman world, I am studying the so-called imagines clipeatae (shield-images/shield-busts) as potential mnemonic artifacts that shaped, manipulated, and conveyed memory in the Roman world.
Shield-images are usually a combination of portrait busts with a shield-like frame surrounding the portrait bust. They are visible in both the private and public spheres of the ancient Roman world and are represented in monuments, buildings, sarcophagi, and wall-paintings. The thesis consists of a large sample of different shield-images from a variety of contexts ranging from the first century BC to fifth century AD, as well as a collection of ancient literature mentioning these shield-images. The thesis combines theoretical perspectives from both memory research and art history to investigate what role these shield-images played in the creation and maintenance of cultural and collective memory in the ancient Roman world.
Kort titelImagines Clipeatae
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