The pharmaceutical industry has started to explore a new set of chemical entities referred to as “New Modalities”. These are thought to combine the potency and selectivity of biologics and the stability and membrane permeability of small molecules while modulating difficult-to-target biological processes. To circumvent the potential of low BBB penetration of New Modalities, we will synthesize (assemble) them in situ in the brain. The brain is probably the most problematic organ to target with larger molecules, as it is protected by the BBB and the skull. We will focus on three different approaches to New Modalities: bioactive polycyclic macromolecules, PROTACs, and conductive polymers, the latter being a potential novel class of New Modalities denoted as electroceuticals.
Gällande start-/slutdatum2019/01/012023/12/31


  • Swedish Research Council