In-situ multi-parameter Analysis Platform for Formation of Energy Materials

Projekt: Forskning



Sustainable solutions to energy conversion and storage requires the development and improvement of functional materials. With in-FORM we will develop a synchrotron-based in-situ material research platform to gain insight
into the formation of functional materials during deposition.We will develop instrumentation consisting of a slotdie coating and annealing system with atmosphere control and a suitably small foot-print as well as flexibility for integration into the Balder beamline at the MAX IV laboratory. We will develop methods for real-time insitu investigations during deposition of functional energy materials combining X-ray spectroscopy (XAS/XRF), X-ray scattering (XRD) and optical spectroscopy to capture changes in composition, structure and optoelectronic properties simultaneously. By also developing correlative data acquisition, analysis and visualization tools, we will enable a broader material research community to make use of our methodology and hope to establish an in-situ material research platform in the fields of catalysis, batteries and photovoltaics.
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