Individens perspektiv på cancerscreening 2.0

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Specific objectives.
The project encompasses research studies on people's perspective about the development of established cancer screening programs and potential new cancer screening programs in the Swedish population. The
project encompasses four work packages (WP).
WP1 Panorama. Women's experiences of participating in a screening program in a hereditary risk for breast cancer (BC), in order to develop person-centred care in the program.
WP2 AttitudeBCscreen2.0. Women's awareness, attitudes and information needs about potential innovations and future development of BC screening in Sweden, such as individualised screening and introduction of artificial
intelligence (AI), so as to strengthen informed decision-making on attendance to BC screening, also in underrepresented groups.
WP3 PRO-LCscreen. Health-related outcomes of surveillance of indeterminate pulmonary nodules among non-symptomatic participants in the Swedish CArdioPulmonary bioImage Study 2 (SCAPIS 2); a scenario similar to a second round of a screening program, thus comparable with lung cancer screening that is considered to be introduced in Sweden.
WP4 PRO-MagnetOPT. Health-related experiences among men in organized prostate cancer testing, which is investigated to add knowledge to the risk/benefit evaluation of the prostate cancer screening that might be introduced in Sweden.

Significance. Cancer screening in Sweden approaches major changes in existing programs and new programs are on their way. Innovations in cancer diagnostics and the significant potential of AI are likely to introduce next-generation cancer screening. Investigating and highlighting individuals' perspectives on future cancer screening is important for future recommendations. The present project is expected to provide insights for the development of evidence-based interactive information for the population, to increase knowledge and awareness about cancer screening programs, and to facilitate autonomous informed decisions about participation in cancer screening. It is also expected to contribute to improving information for underrepresented groups by considering values, attitudes, and information preferences, which supports equality in cancer screening in the population. The project also has the potential for developing person-centred approaches in cancer screening and cancer diagnostics for improved communication, participation in healthcare and satisfaction.
Gällande start-/slutdatum2023/11/202025/11/20


  • Cancerfonden
  • UMAS Cancerstiftelse - Allmänna Sjukhusets i Malmö Stiftelse för bekämpande av Cancer