Integrated patient care intradialysis programme in hemodialysis through a virtual health platform – Good RENal

  • Segura Orti, Eva (Forskare)
  • Clyne, Naomi (Forskare)
  • Lozano Quilis, José Antonio (Forskare)
  • Garcia Testal, Alicia (Forskare)
  • Mesa Gresa, Patricia (Forskare)
  • Kouidi, Evangelia (Forskare)
  • Van Craenenbroeck, Amaryllis (Forskare)



The hypothesis of this study is that the use of a virtual reality (VR) platform, designed specifically for holistic care of the patient on maintenance hemodialysis, can result in health benefits. The main use of the VR platform is for comprehensive patient care during hemodialysis sessions, comprising exercise sessions, nutritional education and psychological and cognitive support.
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