Knowledge-based Housing and Care for Older People as an Experimental Arena and Social Innovation

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The vision of the project is to develop innovative and knowledge-based care and assisted living facilities to improve quality of life among frail older people. The project builds on an initial phase of idea development and consortium building.

The goal is to generate knowledge within 10 years that will be integrated and implemented in assisted living facilities in Sweden, including international dissemination. Through cross-sector collaboration among stakeholders from universities, municipalities, businesses and interest groups, knowledge-based assisted living facilities will become attractive residential environments and workplaces that attract qualified staff.

The project will:
•Strengthen older people´s options, by involving them in the development of new strategies.
•Develop knowledge-based work-approaches that generate research- and challenge-driven operations, based on person-centered and knowledge-based care, innovative training, and testing of new products, services and practices.
•Integrate the planning and design of assisted living facilities by systematically including input from experience-based and research-based knowledge on how good residential environments that meet the needs of frail older people can be achieved.

We have laid the foundation for the establishment of three test sites, consisting of two assisted living facilities and a virtual platform. The project is entirely designed as a social innovation that will have national and international circulation.
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  • CASE - Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments