Late Holocene climate change and human impacts in southern Sweden based on lake sediments

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I am interested in the climate change and human impact during the past thousands of years in southern Sweden. My PhD projects focus on the environmental reconstruction in sub-centennial-scale resolution in the local area around Lake Lyngsjon and Lake Skottenesjon in late Holocene respectively, and better understanding how landscape changed in response to natural vegetation dynamics and human impact. To do it, I will work on the lake sediments from two lakes, Lake Lyngsjon and Lake Skottenesjon, located in southern Sweden with pollen and biomarker analysis, and reconstruct vegetation changes quantitatively based on the Landscape Reconstruction Algorithm (LRA) approach. Meanwhile, I will try to assess the functioning of the Skogaryd Research Catchment (SRC) in terms of ecosystem services, such as land use, carbon and nutrient cycling related to forestry and land use dynamic based on the pollen and geochemistry analysis of the sediment from Lake Skottenesjon.
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