Link Modelling for Cooperative Transport Solutions

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The Project is financed by Wallenberg Autonomous Systems Program (WASP).

The project is devoted to development of future solutions for Automated Transport Systems. Currently the focus in this area has been on fuel efficient and intelligent vehicles, but at the same time automated transports need to be connected in real time to surrounding local as well as central systems, to optimize the overall transport performance. For example, road intersections are accident-prone bottlenecks in the traffic system. By developing intelligent algorithms where vehicles exchange information and decide on a safe schedule for each of them passing the intersection one can improve the traffic flow at the same time as safety is increased. Similarly, platooning is a very effective way to improve the traffic flow as well as to decrease the fuel consumption.

In the project we will work on link modelling for cooperative transport solutions, where we put emphasis on safety critical aspects such as latency, relative positioning, reliability and their interaction with the control system for collaborative transport solutions.

The thesis work will initially focus on link modelling for vehicles such as trucks and cars. It will be a combination of theoretical propagation analysis and practical measurements from relevant scenarios with the overall goal to model the behavior of the link and to create dependable communication for a group of autonomous vehicles.
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