LUCID - Lund University Centre of Excellence for Integration of Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability

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Populärvetenskaplig beskrivning

Linnéprogrammet LUCID (koord. L Olsson, Lucsus) avser att skapa nya synergier mellan natur- och samhällsvetenskaper, kraftfulla nog att leda till utvecklandet av mer integrerade teorier och metoder för att hantera klimat- och hållbarhetsfrågor i samhället. Forskningen ska lämna såväl teoretiska, metodologiska som praktiska bidrag till det snabbt växande vetenskapliga fältet Sustainability sciencs

Meeting global sustainability issues such as climate change, water scarcity,
biodiversity loss and land use change, is an urgent challenge for society. Yet, the divide between natural and social sciences represents an obstacle to new creative solutions to such problems. First, while pursuing critical and problem-solving research strategies, LUCID aims at creating completely new and unique synergies across natural and social sciences in order to develop new integrated theories and methods for addressing complex sustainability issues. Organised in a threedimensional matrix structure composed of: four sustainability challenges, three generic core themes, and two cross cutting research approaches, LUCID will develop a generic approach to the study of and solutions to sustainability problems.

Secondly, making the faculty independent centre of LUCSUS a focal meeting point
in research, LUCID participants, from seven disciplines in four faculties, will
strengthen their co-operation in research and master education. Thirdly, LUCID will further develop and expand global networks of outstanding partners on
sustainability research in order to provide a range of stimulating and challenging career opportunities for both young and senior researchers. Finally, LUCID will participate actively in national and international assessment processes on sustainability and become a strong collaborator in international research enterprises.
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