Lung cancer diagnosis, staging and treatment prediction

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The overall aim of the project is to increase our knowledge on how clinical and molecular procedures for lung cancer diagnostics and treatment selection can be optimised regarding effectiveness, sensitivity and specificity.
Specifically the project aims to:
-Investigate the feasibility of EBUS-TBNA for achieving correct information on diagnosis, stage and treatment options in lung cancer
- describe the outcomes after surgery correlated to the results from the mediastinal staging methods (radiology and EBUS-TBNA) that preceded the operation and thereby hopefully optimise the preoperative staging process
- validate a gene expression-based classifier for simultaneous histopathological diagnostics and fusion genes detection (developed in our research group) in tutor samples collected through bronchoscopy of lung cancer patients with advanced disease
-investigate whether a gene expression-based single sample predictor developed within our research group can identify patients with high risk of relapse after curatively intended treatment of lung cancer.
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