Mapping of Landfill structures and Gas migration based on geophysical measurements

  • Dahlin, Torleif (Forskare)
  • Johansson, Sara (Forskningsassistent)
  • Rosqvist, Håkan (PI)
  • Svensson, Mats, Tyréns AB (CoI)
  • Leroux, Virginie (Forskare)
  • Månsson, Carl-Henrik (Forskningsingenjör)
  • Lindsjö, Magnus (Forskningsingenjör)



The main objective of the MaLaGa-project has been to develop techniques for monitoring and characterisation of solid waste landfills based on geophysical measurements. The mapping of gas migration in landfills have been in focus since the start in 2007, but also other landfill characteristics such as moisture migration, soil cover mapping, groundwater table detection and waste characterisation have been within the scope of the project. The MaLaGa-project has been a collaborative research project between University, public and private sector in more than five years. The main participating organizations in the project are Lund University, Engineering Geology, and Tyréns.
Gällande start-/slutdatum2008/01/012011/12/31