Multi-Blade: the Boron-10-based neutron detector for high intensity neutron reflectometry at ESS

  • Messi, Francesco (Forskare)
  • Fissum, Kevin (Forskare)
  • Perrey, Hanno (Forskare)
  • Piscitelli, Francesco (Forskare)
  • Mauri, Giacomo (Forskare)

Projekt: Forskning



The Multi-Blade is a Boron-10-based gaseous detector introduced to face the challenge arising in neutron reflectometry at pulsed neutron sources. Neutron reflectometers are the most challenging instruments in terms of instantaneous counting rate and spatial resolution. This detector has been designed to cope with the requirements set for the reflectometers at the upcoming European Spallation Source (ESS) in Sweden.
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