Navigating Justice Claims: Between Riots, Strikes and Business as Usual



This project seeks to increase the understanding of and improve the means of fairly dealing with complaints raised by the transition to a low-carbon economy. Whilst most people generally agree that an energy transition is necessary to address climate change, many will object to concrete policies proposed to this end as they are considered unfair. The project takes normative political theory as its starting point and engages with research on large-scale societal transitions, as well as on energy and climate justice. With the help of a participatory research approach, the project team, reference group and stakeholders will jointly map,
categorize and critically examine objections and complaints raised about the energy transition as well as the decision-makers' responsibility to remedy these. The goal is to develop a tool that can act as a moral compass to guide decision-makers in understanding different objections and navigate trade-offs. The tool shall help decision-makers form balanced, inclusive and fair policies in the ongoing energy transition in Sweden and internationally. The project fills two important research gaps: it systematises disparate discussions of grievances raised by the transition to a low-carbon economy and it contributes with a deeper understanding of their moral grounds.
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