Occupational engagement, coping and personal recovery in people with mental health problems who are provided a sensory modulation program

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Research on the evaluation of sensory modulation programs that may provide new coping strategies, and hence increase occupational engagement and recovery, for services users' are lacking. Key facilitators and barriers for implementation of such an intervention is also unclear. The doctoral thesis will contribute with knowledge as to whether and how the SAP intervention may
contribute to increased participation in everyday life and a personal recovery journey for people with severe mental illness. This knowledge is important in the building of the new and emerging recovery oriented mental health care in Sweden. The following studies are planned for:
Study 1: Relationship between sensory processing styles, coping, personal recovery and
occupational engagement - a cross sectional study.
Study 2: Service user experiences of a sensory modulation program: a grounded theory study.
Study 3: Group leader and managers experience of implementing the SAP intervention: a content analysis.
Study 4: The effectiveness of SAP on personal recovery: secondary outcomes of a randomized controlled trial
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