Patientprocesser inom projektet Hälsostaden Ängelholm - Erfarenheter från multisjuka äldre, närstående och personal

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The purpose of this project is to explore the experiences of older patients with multimorbidity and their relatives as well as the health care staff's experiences of the patient processes at the Hälsostaden Ängelholm. The aim is also to explore experiences related to the project among staff in management positions.
A strategic sample of 12 patients with variation in diagnoses and care was recruited, 11 relatives, 17 health care professionals and four staff in management positions were interviewed. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews at one, two or three occasions per participant, which resulted in a total of 58 interviews.
The analysis demonstrated that the experiences of patients regarding the health care provided were that it was necessary to be able to navigate in the complex organization to have their needs met, and that the contact with the staff and the opportunity to participate are of importance for how the care is experienced. The relatives expressed the importance of being able to understand and rely on the care provided and planned, as well as their role to assist patients and staff in order to carry out their daily life.
Health care staff emphasized that they must take responsibility for a sustainable situation with the patient and his/her family in focus, but also that the organization sets limits for their work. The staff in management positions expressed that the will to change had been important for the development of the Hälsostaden Ängelholm.
Common results in the interviews of all participating groups were the needs in the patient processes and the experiences of organizational aspects. Caring for older people with multimorbidity requires a specific understanding and knowledge of what it means to have several diagnoses and be old, not only from a medical perspective but also regarding how decreasing health impacts on daily life, including relationships with relatives and friends.
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