Policy Instruments and business models for closed material loops

Projekt: Forskning



The shift to energy -saving lamps has made ​​effective collection and treatment of discarded lamps a priority to reduce mercury emissions in many countries. The aim of this project is to gather knowledge about existing systems through case studies of European countries and investigating how design, collection, information labels, producer responsibility and procurement can be addressed in a synergistic way. The project will also study the business models that companies can develop to achieve closed material cycle where they have control over the strategically important metals.

The results are expected to guide authorities and other interested parties in designing, implementing, and optimizing systems. This is important not only in anticipation of the transition to LED -based lamps and questions related to access to strategic metals or unknown environmental risks, but also for other small e-waste streams facing similar challenges. The results of the project could be used to design an appropriate instrument package for future lighting systems (LED based) to achieve the energy, environment and resource-oriented goals.
Kort titelClosing Material Loops in Lighting
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