Modern stroke care has changed fundamentally in recent years with the possibilities of cure and relief through intravenous thrombolysis and thrombectomy.

Thrombectomy for stroke is performed by interventional neuroradiologists at the university clinics. Since timely treatment is essential for a good outcome, it is of great importance to identify the stroke patients who may be eligible for thrombectomy as early as possible in the care chain. We believe this can be done with higher accuracy using a new prehospital triage tool (PreHAST) developed and introduced in the prehospital care of stroke patients in the southern healthcare region of Sweden.
The project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Lund University, the ambulance care, the departments of neurology and radiology – all involved in the emergency treatment of acute stroke.
Our Aims
• To evaluate prehospital triage tools and in particular its ability to correctly identify stroke patients eligible for thrombectomy.
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