Preoperative and perioperative prognostic factors in Advanced Ovarian Cancer (AOC)



Ovarian cancer has a high mortality rate with a five-year survival level below 50 %. More than
70 % of the cases are diagnosed at advanced stages and treated with a combination of extensive
surgery and chemotherapy. An accurate preoperative assessment of the tumor volume and
spread via imaging in order to choose the best therapeutic approach is clinically essential and a
question of vital importance for the patient. Our studies aim to come closer in solving it.
The first two papers are retrospective studies each including 119 AOC patients treated with
upfront surgery. In the first paper the computer tomography (CT) Peritoneal Cancer Index (CTPCI)
was compared with the surgical PCI (S-PCI) and their link to surgical outcome. The second
study was investigating if S-PCI and CT-PCI were prognostics factors for survival.
The third paper aims to compare the histopathological diagnosis of frozen section to the final
histopathological diagnosis in order to determinate the reliability of the method for the
intraoperatively decision-making process. 358 patients were included.
The planned fourth study includes 300 patients having an inoperable cancer primary or
recurrence, diagnosed 2015-2020. A true-cut biopsy is evaluated used as a diagnostic method.
Indication, safety, accuracy and adequacy of the method will be investigated.
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