To enable the European Union (EU) to move towards a low-carbon economy and implement its commitments under the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal, ambitious targets to cut emissions in the EU have been set.

To independently assess the progress of countries towards their targets, an objective way to monitor anthropogenic CO2 emissions and their evolution over time is needed. Such a capacity would deliver consistent and reliable information to support informed policy- and decision-making processes, both at national and European level. To maintain independence in this domain, the European Commission proposed to establish an observation-based operational anthropogenic CO2 emissions Monitoring and Verification Support capacity (CO2MVS) as part of its Copernicus programme.

The CoCO2 project will contribute to the development of the European CO2MVS capacity

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With climate change posing an ever-increasing danger to people all over the world, countless measures are being taken on a variety of levels. In the EU, the European Commission is supporting Member States to stay on track concerning the goals agreed to in the Paris Agreement. To achieve this, the Commission established an observation-based operational anthropogenic CO2 emissions monitoring and verification support (MVS) capacity as part of the EU's Copernicus Earth Observation programme. The EU-funded CoCO2 project will build on the work of the CO2 Human Emissions project to carry out research and development activities needed to sustain and develop MVS capacity in Europe.
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