Robust control systems for electric lighting: inventory of existing technology, laboratory tests and field studies



Controlling and adjusting light levels according to situation and individual needs is perhaps the strongest trend within the lighting industry today. This project will encourage an accelerated use of IT and control systems in order to increase the energy efficiency in different lighting installations. The total potential savings by using absence detection and daylight dimming lies in the range 1-1,523 TWh per year for Sweden in the non-residential sector, which corresponds to 17-25% of the savings targeted by the Swedish Energy Agency
by 2020 (6 TWh). This project will demonstrate the energy saving potential of control systems in laboratory as well as in field studies. It will also provide a review of technical and non-technical issues related to control systems as well as an inventory of existing systems and clarification about meaningful and efficient technique for lighting control (regarding sensors, IT, optics, etc.) and anticipated problems and solutions, with a focus on the work environment. Overall, the project will support the development of highly efficient and robust,
user-friendly, maintenance-free control systems compatible with the latest IT technology and with LED retrofit.
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