Should I stay or should I move? Housing preferences among younger older people and associations with active and healthy ageing

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Housing choices and relocation as people age are hot topics in the housing industry, care sectors and public policy and debate realm. In general, there is a lack of knowledge related to housing decisions later in life. For example, what needs to be considered when moving into old age and what type or support or housing is available. The scientific knowledge base about how housing transitions are related to active and healthy ageing are insufficient and approaches to interventions and solutions are not based on evidence.

In the RELOC-AGE project housing choices and relocation are studied to explore associations to and effects on active and healthy ageing among people in Sweden aged 55 years and older. The project rests on a mixed-method design including a register study, a prospective survey, and the development of an intervention called Ageing in the Right Place.

This PhD student project is based on the prospective and intervention sub-studies. The aim of the PhD student project is to contribute to the methodology development for the RELOC-AGE project, and to study the complex interactions between objective and perceived aspects of housing and health associated with active ageing.

Contributing with new knowledge, the RELOC-AGE project will add information relevant for both individuals and society at large, and thus add pieces to the puzzle about how housing and relocation interact with active and healthy ageing.

Populärvetenskaplig beskrivning

With population ageing the provision of housing is a growing concern for the housing industry, health care and social services, and related policies. While a frequent topic in the public debate, little is known about when and how people start to reflect and act upon housing choices and relocation as they age, and even less about the consequences for active and healthy ageing. Even though most people live in ordinary housing into advanced age, research is most often focused on residential care and policy-makers’ concern is directed towards the needs of frail older adults.

This PhD thesis is a part of the large RELOC-AGE project, which aims to study the connection between how we live and move with active and healthy ageing. The new knowledge from the RELOC-AGE project will be useful to develop suitable housing alternatives and activities associated with housing for the ageing population.
Kort titelShould I stay or should I move?
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  • CASE - Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments