Socio-Legal Theory

  • Banakar, Reza (PI)



The field of socio-legal research has encountered three foundational challenges over the last three decades – it has been criticised for paying insufficient attention to legal doctrine, for failing to develop a sound theoretical foundation and for not keeping pace with the effects of the increasing globalisation and internationalisation of law, state and society. This project engages with these three challenges from a methodological standpoint. It addresses the first two challenges by examining how legal sociology has to conceptualised justice as a kind of social experience and how it has engaged theoretically with forms of normativity. It explores the third challenge, which was posed by the changing nature of society, by highlighting the move from the industrial relations of early modernity to the post-industrial conditions of late modernity dominated by information technology. It asks if socio-legal research has sufficiently reconsidered its theoretical premises regarding the relationship between law, state and society, to grasp the new social and cultural forms of organisation specific to the twenty-first century’s global societies.
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  • Law
  • community
  • riots
  • socio-legal studies
  • late modernity