Sounding Expanded Affinities; An Asynchronous Approach To Reconceptualizing The Future Of Egalitarian Social Relations

  • Ray, Andrea (PI)



The doctoral project, Sounding Expanded Affinities, focuses on feminist approaches to time, subjectivity, and community in a project concerned with the individual and gender, affinities and friendship, and love and belonging. The project examines a history of critiques of marriage, considers the egalitarian potential of non-monogamous forms and proposes expanded affinities as having the social and political potential to contribute to a disruption and reorganization of the patriarchal holdovers in a US context. The ideas are organized with a synchronous sense of time in the space of installation—a form which intervenes, counters, and reworks the linear, heteronormative narratives of constraint, omission, and dominance that institutions like marriage still retain.
Kort titelSounding Expanded Affinities
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