Strengthening competence at Lund University for measurement and analysis of ESS-specific radionuclides

Projekt: Forskning



This project aims at using the existing competence and building extended competence at Lund University (LU) regarding measurement technologies for European Spallation Source (ESS) specific radionuclides that can be released into the environment during normal operation or at an accident scenario. We aim to: 1) review which radionuclides are expected to be formed in and released from the ESS; 2) Identify suitable detection techniques and to identify the possible need of development of new techniques for quantification of ESS-specific radionuclides; 3) Devote special attention to implementation/development of nuclide-specific liquid scintillation (LS) analysis of low-energy alpha and beta-emitters in environmental samples; 4) Plan for LU measurements of environmental radioactive aerosols; 5) Set up a program for long-term measurements of tritium in the environment and in residents of Lund, prior to and after the start of ESS.
Gällande start-/slutdatum2018/06/012019/12/01