Studier av två immunmodulerande bakterieproteiner; IdeS och SIC

Projekt: Forskning



To modulate and overcome host defences is required for bacterial survival. In this project we will investigate two bacterial proteins that have evolved to specifically target branches of innate and adapted immunity. SIC and IdeS, two S. pyogenes proteins discovered in our laboratory with unique immune modulatory properties. Their structure, biological properties, mode of action and interference with human defences will be analysed. We will also search for additional bacterial proteins that target human immune responses.

The project represents a significant and original research line which has the potential to generate a deeper understanding of the molecular and cellular interplay between bacteria and the human host. This is of general biological interest but may also result in the identification of novel preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities in the treatment of infectious diseases. Moreover, our work on IdeS has provided the unexpected and fascinating opportunity to treat severe IgG-driven pathogenic conditions (transplant rejection and auto-immune dieases) with an enzyme isolated from a major human bacterial pathogen. This represents a novel and unexpected therapeutic concept which we wish to develop further.
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  • Alfred Österlunds stiftelse

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  • Immunologi inom det medicinska området