Sustainable Energy: Exploring the sustainability of the community-run hydro-power development in Nepal

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The transition from fossil fuel based energy systems to renewable energy has become a priority area for many governments, particularly of the Asia Pacific region. Decentralized community-based control of resources and energy production is seen as one of the pathways towards more participatory sustainable energy development. In this respect, the project aims to understand processes and outcomes of transformation to renewable energy by giving a central role to communities. The project can be categorized under Future Earth’s theme of Transformations Towards Sustainability as it is concerned with human nature interactions, collective action, emerging technologies and participatory approaches. The project is designed as a collaborative pilot study and fieldwork between LUCSUS and Nepal Water Conservation Group on community-run development in Nepal and its impacts on theenvironment, rural livelihoods, community dynamics and energy access. The knowledge developed by the joint Nepalese and Swedish team through both the literature review and the pilot case study will expand our understanding for the development of the larger research proposal.
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