Swedish Historical National Accounts 1300–2010

  • Schön, Lennart (Forskare)
  • Krantz, Olle (Forskare)
  • Lobell, Håkan (Forskningsassistent)



The Swedish Historical National Accounts 1560–2010, released in 2015, presents a new database with an extended and revised version of SHNA 1560–2010. Principles for revisions and extension of data 1560-1800 are found in Schön & Krantz (2015), ”New Swedish Historical National Accounts since the 16th Century in Constant and Current Prices.” Lund Papers in Economic History 140, Lund University. The 2015 release also presents new tables on foreign trade , based upon Schön (2015), Historiska nationalräkenskaper för Sverige, Volym 8: Utrikeshandel 1800–2000 – with Introduction and Tables in English. Comprehensive accounts of data and revisions of the 2007 version of SHNA 1800-2000 are to be found as well in Schön & Krantz (2012),“Swedish Historical National Accounts 1560–2010” Lund Papers in Economic History 123, Lund University.
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Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Ekonomisk historia