The Automated Administration: Governance of ADM in the public sector

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Combining theoretical, empirical and legal approaches, this four-year multidisciplinary research programme studies and analyses how good public governance can be achieved despite challenges associated with increased automation and AI systems in public decision-making. The programme focuses on Sweden and Finland, two countries with similar administrative foundations as well as forerunners in digitalisation. Led by the AI-focused socio-legal scholar Stefan Larsson, the programme spans the universities of Lund, Helsinki, Uppsala, and Södertörn, is tightly linked to vibrant Nordic research networks and includes reference group members from key national public authorities in Finland and Sweden.

Populärvetenskaplig beskrivning

1. WHAT are you researching?

In #ADM_GOV, we are studying regulation and governance of the use of AI and automation in public sector decision-making. We are both mapping what authority practices are in fact being developed and deployed, but also how these practices better can be governed.

2. HOW are you doing it?

We conduct in-depth interviews with representatives of the public sector, map the development of AI guidelines and regulation, carry out quantitative surveys with citizens, and analyse both existing and coming regulations of AI.

3. WHY is it important?

While promising, automated & AI systems in the public sector can contain flaws that e.g. result in discriminatory decisions or obscure decision-making. Lack of transparency or flawed AI may undermine citizens’ trust. A fit governance is therefore extremely important.

Kort titelThe Automated Administration
Gällande start-/slutdatum2022/08/012026/07/31


  • Lunds universitet (huvudsaklig)
  • University of Helsinki (Medsökande)
  • Uppsala universitet (Medsökande)
  • Södertörn University (Medsökande)
  • Skatteverket (Projektpartner)
  • Arbetsförmedlingen (Projektpartner)
  • The Finnish Chancellor of Justice (Projektpartner)
  • Research Institute for Sustainable AI (RISAI) (Medsökande)

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