The impact of warming-induced summer vegetation drought on the vegetation greening, tree growth and carbon fluxes in Sweden

  • Chen, Hans (Forskare)
  • Zhang, Peng (Forskare)
  • Chen, Deliang (Forskare)

Projekt: Forskning



Global warming is causing earlier spring vegetation greening which has increased spring soil water depletion, exacerbating summer soil drying over Eurasian cold regions. However, whether such changes in spring vegetation growth, together with warmer summers, have led to soil water depletion to a level where summer water availability becomes a limiting factor for summer vegetation growth (i.e., causing summer vegetation drought) relative to the water demand for the vegetation growth remains unclear.

This project is to quantify the interannual variation of the summer vegetation drought stress in Sweden and find out how the intensity of the vegetation drought stress has changed over the past decades in relation to earlier spring vegetation greening and warmer summers, and how the changes have affected summer vegetation growth and carbon fluxes in Sweden. Successfully addressing these research questions will provide us with valuable insight into future trajectories in vegetation growth and carbon sink potential in Sweden in a warmer climate. In contrast to previous studies, this project will develop a method to quantify summer vegetation drought stress, from a vegetation-growth-water-demand perspective, based on the observed response strength of weekly vegetation growth to net atmosphere water supply during the summer.

This project is financed by the strategic research area BECC.
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