The Maia-study

  • Holmdal, Ale (Forskarstuderande)
  • Hübinette, Emma (Forskarstuderande)
  • Kaldo, Viktor (Forskare)
  • Nilsson, Gustav (Forskare)
  • Schad, Elinor (Forskare)
  • Udén, Stina (Forskarstuderande)

Projekt: Forskning



In this collaboration between researchers at Linnaeus University and Lund University, the aims are to explore teachers and students perceptions of working with and experiencing the Pax game. In a longitudinal interview study we will look at teachers views on implementing and using Pax in the classroom. Turning to the students we will in a second study, using mixed methods, look at how the students themselves perceive working with Pax.
Kort titelMaia
Gällande start-/slutdatum2020/01/012023/07/01