Through the emergence of so-called smart technical solutions, visions of a new 'frictionless' society have been forwarded. This has been described as the seamless life. Here you will find cars that park themselves, refrigerators that know when and what we need to buy, and music devices that tell us what we want to listen to. The Advanced Study Group The Seamless Life: Experiences and Visions of a Data-Driven Life aims to problematize the seamless life as a (technology-driven) vision of the good life by examining the underlying assumptions, experiences, technologies and resistance to the seamless life.

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This interdisciplinary group of researchers will discuss the norms, assumptions, experiences underlying ideas of the presumably good data-driven life and the implications of smart solutions in the home and the street
Kort titelThe seamless Life
Gällande start-/slutdatum2023/02/012024/01/31