Three-dimensional crack growth in viscous electroactive polymers using a phase-field approach



In this project we propose new models and innovative discretization techniques for crack propagation in viscous electroactive polymers (EAP). This is of crucial importance for the reliable design of electroactive components in many future industrial applications. EAPs, like special polyurethanes or silicones, are a promising class of new smart materials with an increasing demand in industrial applications such as in actuators, sensors, micro-robotics, biomimetics and energy harvesting. The continuum mechanical modeling of electroactive polymers is based on large strain viscoelasticity using internal variables and evolution equations as well as coupling with the electric field. Here, the electric field, prestrains and discrete overloads in applications lead to large mechanical deformations, in particular, cause fracture and (fatigue) crack growth.

We propose new models for the accurate description of the previously mentioned phenomena. In fact, these new models ask for the development of robust numerical discretization schemes. In particular, a reliable and efficient space-time discretization based on a phase-field formulation for the crack formation and propagation in EAP shall be established.
Gällande start-/slutdatum2015/10/012016/09/30

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