Transborder television. Scandinavia and the GDR in the 1970s

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The overall aim of this research project is to contribute to the growing field of research on European interconnections during the Cold War. Its purpose is to investigate the contacts, social networks, institutional frameworks and programme exchange between Scandinavia and the German Democratic Republic in the 1970s. The point of departure is the concept of entangled history, which is analysed through an interdisciplinary social network approach in order to highlight the role of individual actors and media institutions in processes of transborder television exchange - in this case the East-West border.

The main theoretical and methodological framework is developed in another project funded by RJ (Cronqvist 2015-2017) on the relationship between Sweden and the GDR. This project starts up a research group with two additional projects, broadening the regional scope encompassing Scandinavia, but also Finland.
Gällande start-/slutdatum2016/09/012017/08/31

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  • Historia
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