Ubiquitous sensorimotor information processing in neocortex

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The project is carried out using the in vivo whole cell patch clamp recording method in anaesthetised animals. A first goal is to study how synthesised, non–trivial patterns of primary sensory activation can be distinguished by neocortical neurons. The stimuli delivered are simulated patterns of skin activation, derived from our previous studies of how different types of objects are encoded in a population of primary sensory afferents of the skin. The first step is expected to result in a article. This publication will deal with the spike responses of the neocortical neurons.

Subsequent step is to study how this patterned input spreads in the neocortex. I.e. investigate possible activation of neocortical neurons outside the primary somatosensory area. Expanding upon this additional studies of multi–site stimulation and the effect on neocortical neuronal output. These both parts both deal with the concept of functional localisation in the neocortex. A concept that is seen as fundamental to most neuroscientists.
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