Urban Creativity Lund is an interdisciplinary network of researchers focusing on practices and phenomena that have the potential to push legal, moral and cultural boundaries by exploring alternative ways of using and understanding the city. Examples of urban creativity include, but are not limited to, street art, graffiti, urban foraging (dumpster diving), parkour, skateboarding and guerrilla gardening.

Founded as a research theme at the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies in 2018, the network collaborates internationally with researchers, practitioners and other actors interested in urban creativity. A central component of the network's activities is to move discussions about urban creativity and its potentials beyond academia and engage with the wider public.

The main concrete objectives of the network are to:

A) carry on the Urban Creativity Seminar that was established during the Urban Creativity Pufendorf IAS Theme in 2018-2019;

B) arrange and/or participate in public events, both nationally and internationally. This includes the continuation of the "Ask the Professor" initiative which began during the Urban Creativity Pufendorf IAS Theme in 2018-2019;

C) edit a book on the basis of the work conducted in the Urban Creativity Pufendorf IAS Theme in 2018-2019 as well as selected presentations from the Lund Urban Creativity Conference 2019;

D) write further research applications to support the network's continued activities (e.g. research, seminars, conferences, publications).

Populärvetenskaplig beskrivning

Research network focused on urban creativity.
Kort titelUrban Creativity Lund
Gällande start-/slutdatum2019/05/15 → …

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Humaniora
  • Samhällsvetenskap
  • Lisbon Street Art & Urban Creativity International Conference 2021

    Peter Bengtsen (ordförande)

    2021 juli 8

    Aktivitet: Deltagit i eller arrangerat evenemangDeltagit i konferens

  • FORMA(T): Documenting and Archiving Street Art

    Peter Bengtsen (huvudtalare)

    2021 juni 29

    Aktivitet: Deltagit i eller arrangerat evenemangDeltagit i konferens

  • Street Art Perplexions: A Panel Discussion on Value, Conservation, Policy and Education

    Jacob Kimvall (presentatör), Henrik Widmark (presentatör), Hélène Svahn Garreau (presentatör), Catherine Mellander Backman (presentatör), Adrian Heritage (presentatör), Maria Chatzidakis (presentatör), Stavroula Golfomitsou (ordförande), Austin Nevin (ordförande), Peter Bengtsen (deltagare), Georgios Stampoulidis (deltagare), Stavroula Golfomitsou (deltagare), Varvara Marazioti (deltagare), Liv Friis (deltagare), Hannah Aleryd Berg (deltagare), Saskia Signori (deltagare), Pernilla Vinnerås (deltagare), Konstantin Fischer (deltagare), Alison Heritage (deltagare), Christofher Gustavsson (deltagare), Flavia Perugini (deltagare), Karin Hermerén (deltagare), Karin Hindborg (deltagare), Hohi Ikeda (deltagare), Jennie Sjöholm (deltagare), Jenny Högström Berntson (deltagare), Johan Järlehed (deltagare), John Schofield (deltagare), Kathrin Hinrichs Degerblad (deltagare), Negar Zojaji (deltagare), Ola Wetterberg (deltagare), Pernilla Vinnerås (deltagare), Sebastian Karlsson (deltagare), Anca Nicolaescu (deltagare), Feras Hammami (deltagare), Susanna Barros Eriksson (deltagare), Andrew Thorn (deltagare), Emilie Karlsmo (deltagare), Konstantinos Avramidis (deltagare), Polyna Xiradakis (deltagare), Andreas Sampatakos (deltagare), Anna Henningsson (deltagare), Alex Hale (deltagare) & Sarah May (deltagare)

    2021 maj 7

    Aktivitet: Deltagit i eller arrangerat evenemangDeltagit i workshop/ seminarium/ kurs