Vascular Imaging

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The development of non-invasive vascular imaging and endovascular interventions has allowed much of open vascular surgery to be replaced by minimally invasive endovascular interventions. This has led to better treatment results and that patients who have not previously been eligible for treatment, now can be offered effective relief.

Vascular imaging is an essential prerequisite for this development and is now the hub of the preoperative investigation of vascular patients. In addition, a large number of patients are in need of regular follow-up examinations for surveillance of disease progression and evaluation of therapy outcome.
Imaging of the large arteries and veins is predominantly done using Computed Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
Since our group is founded in interventional radiology - our overall aim is to apply the new possibilities of CT and MRI to the needs of interventional radiology.
Our Aims
We are currently working in two areas; the use of dual energy CT for CT angiography of the aorta (Leena Lehti), and the use of Blood-pool contrast agents for MRI venography of the large central veins (Michael Åkesson).
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