WASP NEST: Learning in Networks: Structure, Dynamics, and Control

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Many complex systems, whether biological, physical, social, or economical, are structured in networks consisting of a large collection of interacting entities. Some of these networks, such as social networks on the Internet emerge without our control or intervention. As a consequence, their structure, the way their entities interact and evolve are a priori unknown. Some are de­ signed and deployed by engineers, but their scale may become so large (this is for instance the case of future mobile networks) that their individual entities cannot be finely tuned when deployed, and again the structure of the network and the interactions between its entities can­not be predicted. Our ability to optimize the operation of a network, however, strongly relies on an accurate knowledge of its characteristics.

In this project, we will develop novel mathemat­ical and computational tools to devise efficient algorithms learning the network structure and dynamics, as well as efficient ways to control it. This vast and ambitious objective calls for a multidisciplinary effort, and we envision to reach it leveraging and combining techniques from probability theory, statistical machine learning, and control theory.
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