WASP Software Engineering Cluster

Projekt: Forskning



This cluster focuses on the engineering of software systems, which are large, constantly changing, adaptive, and as a consequence, systems of socio-technical systems. We address both software engineering principles and practices for smart systems (SE4AI) and design smart approaches to support the engineering of software (AI4SE).

Vision of the cluster
Our vision is to pave way for continuous software engineering approaches that combine human experimentation, autonomous experimentation and data-driven behavior in an integral approach, including architecture, development processes and management perspectives.

Main research questions
The overall research questions relate to the integration of continuous experimentation and data-driven software engineering into the practice of large-scale software engineering. Which development, experimentation and data analysis methods are efficient and scalable? Which approaches give value to the end user? How to support bridging management and engineering of software?
Gällande start-/slutdatum2020/01/012021/08/31