A Geant4 Simulation Package for the TASISpec Experimental Detector Setup

L. G. Sarmiento, L. -L. Andersson, Dirk Rudolph

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    The experimental detector setup TASISpec (TA SCA in Small Image mode Spectroscopy) comprises composite Ge- and highly segmented Si-detectors. The setup is constructed to provide multi-coincidence spectroscopic data between gamma-rays, X-rays, conversion electrons, fission fragments, and alpha-particles for heavy and superheavy elements (Z >= 100). The full array has been virtually constructed using the Geant4 simulation toolkit. The simulations will not only be used to explore the possibilities of the detector setup itself. More important, however, they will also shed light on the nuclear structure of the heaviest elements. This can be done by comparing the simulated detector response of complex decay modes with the experimental data. Such an iterative or "self-consistent" way to understand experimental observables will provide more reliability when disentangling the data and deducing experimental decay schemes. (C) 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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