A gender perspective on interreligious dialogue

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Interreligious dialogue is designed to take into account a plurality of faiths. But at the same time it often excludes or marginalizes women, both physically and conceptually, which is disqualifying for a dialogue that have pretensions to be non-oppressive. The article illustrates some areas where a gender perspective may be relevant, as in the selection of the participants of the dialogue and in the communicative style of the dialogue, and ends with a reflection on the prospects for incorporating a gender perspective in interreligious dialogue.
Titel på värdpublikationPlural voices. Intradisciplinary perspectives on interreligious issues
RedaktörerPatrik Fridlund, Catharina Stenqvist, Lucie Kaennel
FörlagPeeters Publishers
Volym41 (in Peeters series: Studies in philosophical theology)
ISBN (tryckt)978-90-429-2072-9
StatusPublished - 2009


Volym41 (in Peeters series: Studies in philosophical theology)

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  • Filosofi, etik och religion


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