A high-throughput DNA extraction method for barley seed

Rebecka Von Post, Lars Von Post, Christophe Dayteg, Marie Nilsson, Brian P. Forster, Stine Tuvesson

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A non-destructive, quick DNA extraction method for barley seed is described. The method is simple and consists of drilling out a sample from the seed, adding sodium hydroxide, heating in a microwave oven and neutralizing with Tris-HCl. The seed DNA extract can be used directly for PCR with extra cycles added to the PCR programme compared to PCR programmes used for leaf extracts. This protocol was developed in particular for a microsatellite marker genetically linked to barley yellow mosaic virus resistance, but it can be applied to other markers of interest for barley breeding. The quick seed extraction protocol makes it possible to handle thousands of samples per day. Extraction of DNA from seed also facilitates transfer of plant material compared to the long-distance transfer of leaf samples.

Sidor (från-till)255-260
StatusPublished - 2003
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The Swedish Farmer’s Foundation (SLF) is acknowledged for financial support.

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