A MATLAB toolbox for Robustness Analysis

Chung-Yao Kao, Alexandre Megretski, Ulf Jönsson, Anders Rantzer

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Verification of control systems is often done using extensive simulation. This gives the engineer useful qualitative information about the system performance. However, simulation cannot be used to rigorously prove stability and robustness of the system. Such properties can only be verified using mathematical analysis which for many realistic systems becomes rather involved. This paper presents the MATLAB toolbox IQCbeta. It provides a user friendly interface for advanced semi-automatic systems analysis.
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FörlagIEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
StatusPublished - 2004
Evenemang2004 IEEE International Symposium on Computer Aided Control System Design - Taipei, Taiwan
Varaktighet: 2004 sep. 2 → …


Konferens2004 IEEE International Symposium on Computer Aided Control System Design
Period2004/09/02 → …

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