A synthesis of studies on renovation profitability

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Still, the building sector in Sweden repeatedly fails in using experiences from both fulfilled projects through feedback and existing research information. The use of earlier results would be beneficial for the process of developing appropriate and competing product and services, and would help avoiding crucial mistakes that risk the functionality of constructed buildings. It is also important to know the quality of the information to be able to make relevant risk assessments of constructions and decisions. Particularly because of the interdisciplinary nature of building renovation procedures, there is an urgent need for a comprehensive base of knowledge and a quality model, taking into account research and practical experience. As part of a five year research project on the interdisciplinary renovation of buildings, this paper proposes a start to synthesize existing research and experience of renovations. A synthesis of a number of profitability analyses of renovation projects was performed. It will give examples of existing information and how it is accessed. The result will function as a pre-study of a tool that will be continuously improved and extended over the coming years. It will be part of the work of Swedish National Renovation Centre with the aim to optimize the renovation process in an interdisciplinary manner.
StatusPublished - 2015

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