Segregated bimetallic nanoparticles like core-shell nanoparticles are of interest in various fields including biomedicine, catalysis, and optoelectronics. Aerosol technology is an optimal platform to control nanoparticle size, structure, and composition, which are some of the most important parameters tuning the material performance for the intended applications. Here, we develop a novel evaporator design to coat core particles on-line with a shell directly in the gas phase. The evaporator employs a local heater that decouples heating the evaporating material from the aerosol particles to limit core-shell alloying. We characterize the system by evaporating Zn onto core particles of Au, Sn, and Bi and demonstrate the core-shell particle formation with controllable shell thickness in each material system. We discuss simple models to explain the observed growth process inside the evaporator and the resulting shell formation.

TidskriftJournal of Aerosol Science
StatusPublished - 2024 jan.

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

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