AI Market Survey: Current State of AI in the Øresund Region Private Sector

August Lidfeldt, Markus Borg, Joshua Bronson

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The prevalence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the business landscape is indisputable. However, there are considerable gaps between the visionary ideas businesses communicate and their operational use of AI. The goal of this market survey is to identify companies currently working with AI in the Øresund Region - referred to as AI companies. The survey, conducted between June and September 2020, primarily targets AI companies based in Helsingborg, Lund, Malmö, and Copenhagen. In total, the survey has identified 193 AI companies in the Øresund Region, 113 in Sweden and 80 in Denmark. The goal of this survey is not to evaluate the business potential of individual companies, but rather to map the current regional AI landscape and to provide a snapshot of the
technology adoption.
FörlagComputer Science, Lund University
Antal sidor16
StatusPublished - 2020 okt 14
EvenemangBarrel AI - Speakers' Corner 2 - Hbg Works, Helsingborg, Sverige
Varaktighet: 2020 okt 142020 okt 14


NamnTechnical Report
FörlagDepartment of Computer Science
Nr.104, 2020

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