AI policy in Poland: Ethical considerations already at the core

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The chapter outlines the main stages of development of AI strategy in Poland, focusing on three significant documents: Considerations
for AI Strategy in Poland (November 2018), Policy for Development of AI
in Poland for the years 2019-2027 (August 2019) and the draft Policy for
Development of AI in Poland from year 2020 (September 2020). At the
moment of writing, the latter document has been adopted by the Polish
Committee of the Council of Ministers for Digitisation and is still subject to the ongoing legislative process. It should therefore be noted that
the final shape of the Polish AI strategy may differ to some extent from
the one analysed in this chapter. The report was prepared through analysis and comparison of the above documents, with a few references to
preparatory documents and official governmental websites.

What follows is a deeper analysis of the second draft of the AI national
strategy, Policy for Development of AI in Poland from year 2020, with
regard to how the following points of interests were interpreted and
incorporated: definition, funding and investments, applications, data,
the country’s identified characteristics and strengths, innovation, law,
education, consumers, SMEs, environment and inequality. The strategy
sets out objectives which Poland is planning to achieve in the shortterm (until 2023), medium-term (until 2027), and long-term (beyond
2027). It is divided into five subject areas: society, innovative companies, science, education, international cooperation and public sector,
and consists mainly of action points on different levels of detail.
The analysis in this chapter of the drafted AI strategy shows that the
ethical component – especially the EU’s and OECD’s concepts of trustworthy AI – played an important role in shaping the strategy. It is also
noted that ethical principles were already reflected to a high degree in
the first document, Considerations for AI Strategy in Poland, which suggests that the ethical dimension of AI has been taken seriously by Polish
policymakers throughout the legislative process.
Titel på värdpublikationHuman-Centred AI in the EU
Undertitel på värdpublikationTrustworthiness as a strategic priority in the European Member States
RedaktörerStefan Larsson, Claire Ingram Bogusz, Jonas Andersson Schwarz
FörlagEuropean Liberal Forum asbl.
Antal sidor18
ISBN (tryckt)978-91-87379-81-9
StatusPublished - 2020 nov. 30

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