"Altare beate Marie presentationis": en ny rekonstruktion av ärkebiskop Brostorps förstörda altarskåp

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‘Altare beate Marie presentacionis’
– a new reconstruction of the ruined altar belonging to Archbishop Brostrup

Before the extensive interior alterations of Lund Cathedral in 1833, only six stone altars, four relatively complete retables, and one fragmentary Madonna remained from the once vast amount of Catholic altars. At present only the stone altar in the crypt retains its medieval position, and only the retable of the High Altar is complete with its casing. Of the remaining retables only three main figures were known to have survived, until 1915 when ten minor sculptures were rediscovered, followed by three more in 1992. These thirteen sculptures once belonged to a retable founded by Archbishop Johannes Brostorp in 1483, but are presently incorporated in the High Altar and exhibited in the Lund University Historical Museum. In the adjoining Cathedral Museum, remnants of the casing of the retable have now been discovered as well. Furthermore, a previously unknown sketch of the retable has been found in the Antiquarian-Topographical Archive in Stockholm. In this article the new findings are presented in the light of the primary sources concerning the history and former appearance of the long lost retable of Brostorp, which may now be reconstructed with a greater degree of certainty than has previously been possible.
Titel på gästpublikationMellan slott och slagg
Undertitel på gästpublikationVänbok till Anders Ödman
RedaktörerIngrid Gustin, Martin Hansson, Mats Roslund, Jes Wienberg
FörlagLunds universitet. Institutionen för arkeologi och antikens historia
ISBN (tryckt)978-91-89578-65-4
StatusPublished - 2016


NamnLund Studies in Historical Archaeology
ISSN (tryckt)1653-1183

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  • Historia och arkeologi

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